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Qtoys Australian Wildlife and Landscape

Qtoys Australian Wildlife and Landscape

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This set includes the Australian animals along with the trees which the children can put together like a puzzle. Animal lovers will absolutely enjoy this set as they explore the animals in their pretend play experiences. This set provides children with the opportunity to identify the Australian animals and learn more about them. Children can also attempt to fit the animal pieces into the trees which promotes their fine motor skills.

Imaginative play is when children enact an event or experience in their life that they have come across or found interesting. It allows them to create stories and explore new ideas as they connect with the world around them. Similarly open-ended play is also a kind of play that encourages children to freely express their creative thoughts and ideas. They express themselves using their words which promotes language development.

During their pretend play experiences, children come across challenges which they learn to overcome thus developing their problem-solving skills. Another important benefit of pretend play is, it helps develop your toddlers’ emotional needs as they learn to express and understand their feelings. Imaginative play is extremely beneficial for children’s growth and development. Children develop their social skills as they learn to take turns and share during their pretend play experiences. Therefore, this set is a great choice that children can not only fix together but also learn about the Australian wildlife as they explore the animals.

Approx dimensions of product: Box dimensions46x29x4cms. Weight: 2kgs.

Recommended age: 2+

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