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Qtoys Caterpillar lacing set

Qtoys Caterpillar lacing set

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Introducing our marvelous caterpillar lacing set, which is an exciting and exceptional learning resource that offers a multitude of benefits for young learners. This engaging lacing set is designed to captivate children’s imagination while fostering essential skills and knowledge. It includes the caterpillar, food items, string and the days of the week too.

The set provides a hands-on learning experience that encourages children to identify and lace the various food items the caterpillar eats. As they lace the pieces together, kids will develop their fine motor skills, cognitive abilities and expand their vocabulary by learning the names of different fruits and foods. As children manipulate the lacing strings and manoeuvre the pieces, they refine their hand-eye coordination and dexterity. Lacing the pieces requires focus and patience, helping children develop concentration and perseverance.

The vibrant and colourful food pieces enable children to explore and identify a spectrum of colours. This interactive activity enhances their colour recognition skills, laying a strong foundation for early colour learning. Children can learn days of the week through this experience.

The caterpillar’s food pieces can also be used as playful props, inviting children into a world of imaginative adventures. Little ones can create imaginative scenarios, such as feeding the caterpillar and exploring a colourful garden full of delightful surprises.

Let your little ones immerse themselves in the wonders of play and learning as they explore colours, develop fine motor skills, and unleash their creativity with this delightful caterpillar companion.

Approx dimensions of product: 33 x 23 x 7 cm. Weight: 1.9kgs.

Recommended age: 3+

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