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Qtoys Jumbo colour stacking gems set of 50

Qtoys Jumbo colour stacking gems set of 50

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Wooden Gems are a great open ended play resource providing hours of fun for children of all ages!  With different shapes and sizes, they are perfect for stacking and balancing activities. What makes this set of wooden gems special is that it comes with arches and poles. These additions, hence, turn the set into a unique building block set. This set of blocks not only promotes hand eye coordination and stimulates sensory development but are also great for open ended play. This set includes 50 wooden gems and blocks of various shapes and sizes. The largest piece measures 15 cm. All comes in a cotton bag for storage after play.

As construction play offers a variety of opportunities to build and create, these experiences help build children’s self-confidence and also encourages their independent thinking. Children are also encouraged to make decisions on their own as they engage in these experiences. Construction play encourages children to engage with their peers and cooperate with one another to complete a task. It also promotes hand-eye coordination as children attempt to build or create something. Therefore, construction play plays a vital role in children’s development, and this is the perfect set for it.

Food colours from Chef master (made in the USA) to add colour on our toys. The natural pieces are finely sanded and chemical free.

Approx dimensions of product: Weight 2.4kgs.

Recommended age: 2+

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