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Mindful and Co Kids

Mindful and Co Kids Abcs of Mindfulness Book - Rose

Mindful and Co Kids Abcs of Mindfulness Book - Rose

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Discover the Enchantment of ABC's of Mindfulness!

Featured on Oprah's 2021 Favourite Things list, this charming collection introduces mindfulness and imagination to individuals of every age. Utilize these serene verses and colouring sheets anywhere, at any moment, to indulge in a tranquil pause and sharpen your focus.

Enhances fine motor skills. Ideal for sparking creativity as the new school year begins. Improves hand-eye coordination. Fosters spatial awareness. Cultivates concentration and attentiveness. Encourages innovation and self-expression.

From households to classrooms to daycare facilities, these eco-friendly cards cater to ages 18 months and above, offering a timeless experience for all.

Dive into the pleasure of colouring and unlock enduring benefits with ABC's of Mindfulness - a cherished gift for both youngsters and the young at heart!

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