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Qtoys Wooden Hexagonal Mirror Trays set of 3

Qtoys Wooden Hexagonal Mirror Trays set of 3

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These Hexagonal Mirror Trays set of 3 offers a captivating and versatile tool for young children’s play and learning. Perfect for exploratory play, sorting, and collecting, these trays feature a mirrored base that enhances their visual appeal. The reflective surface not only draws children’s attention but also adds a unique dimension to their activities, allowing them to observe reflections and interact with light and materials in new ways.

Children can see their own reflections as they engage with different materials, adding an element of self-discovery to their play. This reflective aspect encourages children to explore their surroundings and themselves, promoting a deeper understanding of visual perception. The trays are ideal for sorting small objects, which helps children develop organizational skills and practice categorization. Collecting items in these trays can also foster a sense of accomplishment and pride in their discoveries.

Using these trays for creating displays or arranging various materials supports the development of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The mirrored base adds an artistic touch, making each arrangement more visually striking and engaging. These activities provide valuable learning opportunities, helping children grow and develop their imaginative and literacy skills.

Overall, these hexagonal mirror trays are a versatile and enriching addition to any child’s playtime. Their engaging design and multifunctional use make them an excellent tool for fostering learning and development through play.

Approx dimensions of product: largest tray L40xW40xH4cms.

Recommended age: 2+

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