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Qtoys Wooden Square Mirror Trays – Set of 3

Qtoys Wooden Square Mirror Trays – Set of 3

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Indulge in exploratory play with our Square Mirror Trays – Set of 3. Featuring a mirrored base, these trays boast an engaging design that captivates children’s attention as they delve into various activities. From sorting and collecting to imaginative play, the mirrored surface adds an element of fascination to their playtime adventures.

Unlock a world of possibilities with these versatile trays. Whether it’s exploring reflections, organizing items, or creating captivating displays, these trays offer endless opportunities for learning and growth. By engaging in these activities, children not only hone their cognitive skills but also foster their imaginative and literacy abilities.

As children interact with the mirrored trays, they not only observe their surroundings but also discover their own reflections. This reflective element adds an extra dimension to their play, encouraging self-awareness and sensory exploration.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions:
    • Small: 24x19x5cm
    • Medium: 27x22x5cm
    • Large: 30x25x5cm

Dive into a world of exploration and discovery with this tray. From sparking imaginative play to fostering cognitive development, these trays are the perfect addition to any child’s playroom or learning environment.

Recommended age: 2+

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