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Tiny Tots and Me

Silicone Bath Toys Set

Silicone Bath Toys Set

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These silicone bath toys offer a safe and engaging way for children to enjoy bath time while also supporting their development. The variety of animals, water play features, and easy maintenance make them a great choice for parents looking to make bath time a "splashing good time" for their little ones.
  1. Material: The toys are made from 100% silicone, which is a safe and durable material for children's toys. This means they are free from harmful chemicals or toxins, ensuring the safety of your child during playtime.

  2. Variety: The set includes four different animal-shaped toys: an owl, panda, cat, and rabbit. This variety can make bath time more engaging and enjoyable as kids can choose their favorite animals to play with.

  3. Floating Design: The toys are designed to float perfectly on the water. This feature can make bath time more exciting as kids watch the toys bobbing on the water's surface.

  4. Easy to Grab and Hold: The toys are designed with an ergonomic shape, making them easy for little hands to grasp and hold onto. This can help develop fine motor skills in children.

  5. Water Play: The small holes in the toys' heads allow water to be gently squirted through. This feature can add an element of water play, making bath time even more entertaining and interactive.

  6. Drying Method: The toys have an easy open-close method to help dry them completely between uses. This ensures that the toys stay clean and hygienic, reducing the risk of mold or mildew buildup.

  7. Mix and Match: Kids can have fun mixing and matching the different animal bodies or sinking them down and watching how they float. This creative play can stimulate a child's imagination and problem-solving skills.

  8. Developmental Benefits: These toys encourage sensory and motor skills development in children. The tactile sensations, water play, and grasping actions can help with sensory exploration and fine motor skill refinement.

Suitable for ages 4+months

Size: 5.5cm(W) x 5cm(D) x 8cm(H)

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